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Gravity Conveyor

Gravity-fed conveying solutions for every area of the supply chain.
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Meeting your gravity conveyor needs with fast, convenient service is our specialty.

At we specialize in delivering quality gravity-fed conveying solutions to customers large and small across the continental U.S. Our process is simple: you select the gravity conveyor starter kit and add-on bundles you need, choose any parts and accessories you may require, place your order, and we'll process it as quickly as possible.

How it Works:

Each Gravity Conveyor Starter Bundle comes with one 5' or 10' section of gravity conveyor and 2 supports. Choose your Starter Bundle, then select Gravity Conveyor Add-ons to increase the length of your conveyor. Add-ons are offered in 5' and 10' sections, and come with 1 additional support.

Choose from a variety of Gravity Conveyor Parts and Accessories like additional supports, end stops, guard rail, and more.

We also offer Gravity Flow Racks that come complete with carton flow racks and swivel casters to create mobile gravity flow rack solutions.

Most standard orders ship within 15 business days.

Please note, orders are limited to 20 items total per order. Orders with more than 20 items require a custom freight quote and are subject to longer lead times. To purchase more than 20 items, please contact us. Our team of gravity conveyor experts can provide you with estimated lead times and accurate freight quotes for higher volume orders.

Refer to our handy gravity conveyor load capacity chart to determine what type of support you may require for your specific application.

If you have questions or need assistance with ordering, please get in touch with our team.