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Mobile Gravity Flow Rack with Casters

Original price $1,460.46 - Original price $2,104.24
Original price
$1,460.46 - $2,104.24
Current price $1,460.46

Mobile gravity flow rack 48" W x 48" D x 54" H includes 4" x 2" swivel casters with side brakes. Choose from carton flow roller lanes or universal wheel beds.

  • Overall dimensions: 48" W x 48" D x 54" H
  • Carton Flow options: Roller Lanes or Wheel Beds
  • Casters: 4" x 2" swivel casters with side brakes
  • Capacity: 1,000 lbs per level

Carton Flow Roller Unit Specifications:

  • Includes 3 sets of 15" wide aluminum roller tracks per level
  • 50 lbs per linear foot
  • 3” roller centers, roller diameter is ¾” or .75”
  • Aluminum rollers and channel

Carton Flow Bed Unit Specifications:

  • Includes 3 full levels of carton flow in wheel bed tracks of varying widths for increased flexibility in left-to-right slotting of SKUs, cartons, totes, or other items.
  • 50 lbs per square foot
  • 2” roller centers, roller diameter is 1.6”
  • Poly wheel flow beds

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